I've never toured the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green because, honestly, I've never been very high on Corvettes.

But I love cars!

And I would love to see ANY of them during the manufacturing process.

That's right. I've always wanted to tour one of the plants.

But if I'd planned on taking that next step and touring the Corvette plant in Bowling Green for the next year and a half, I'd half to cancel those plans.

Fox19 in Cincinnati is reporting a halt to all tours of the popular plant for that time span because General Motors has scheduled extensive work on it.

But the Bowling Green Daily News spoke with the Corvette Museum's Katie Frassinelli who said that, despite the shutdown of tours beginning June 16th, other tour packages that include the museum, the Historic RailPark and Train Museum and Aviation Heritage Park will be offered.

Sounds good to me.

It also sounds like they may not even miss a beat.



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