I'd heard a rumor that Owensboro was getting a Harbor Freight Tools and I'd heard it was going in where the Don Moore Hyundai store used to be in front of Best Buy.

So I did some digging and found some interesting information on loopnet.com about a "ground lease to Harbor Freight."

I can tell you right now that I'm not very familiar with the kind of jargon used on the Loopnet website, but it looks like the property, owned by Schrader Commercial Properties LLC, will be used for a Harbor Freight Tools store.

I think this is INCREDIBLY cool.

And, again, I'm being very careful with my wording about this deal since I'm not familiar with how this sort of thing works.

But on the Schrader Commerical Properties website, there's an image of South Frederica with all the major businesses that are located on it AND an outline around the old Don Moore Hyundai property with the Harbor Freight logo hovering over it.

I sometimes buy tools I don't end up needing so I'll be very happy to see a Harbor Freight become part of the Owensboro commercial family.


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