Remember that old scary movie from the 80s?  Pumpkinhead?  It was literally about a "demon" with a big old pumpkinhead. I always thought the name of that movie made it was less scary that it intended to be.  For me, the whole idea and name for the movie were completely campy.  I mean, picture it.  Somebody with a big old pumpkin for a head.  LOL!

Well, check this out!  This is one of the campiest and most epic things I have ever seen.  Abigial Gingerale Photography just wrapped up a photo shoot for Erin and Mason.  To celebrate their second anniversary, the couple wanted to do something "creative" and "ridiculous."  So, they decided to carve a couple of pumpkins, hollow them out, plop them down on their heads and take some photos.  The result?  An absolutely inspired #Pumpkinheads photo shoot.


How freaking amazing is that?!!

If you'd like to see more photos from the shoot, you can visit Abigial Gingerale Photography's Facebook page and see additional photos here . . .

Abigail Gingerale Photography is located in Allentown, New Jersey!  They are a "husband and wife team who have a passion for creatively and artistically telling our clients' stories."  There's no doubt that they have succeeded with this pair of #Pumpkinheads.  LOL!

Okay, so now who's gonna step up and do this here in the tristate??

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