First off, consider this is my official request to the Townsquare Media Fun Committee to see how we can make this happen at our next work function. I want to whack my co-worker in his big ole noggin' like a mole in a hole! Sorry not sorry, Chad!

Louisville Workplace Went Viral For Hilarious Team Building Activity

A few months ago, a group of co-workers got together for an interesting activity. This wasn't your typical potluck lunch or monthly "forced fun" event that you may moan and groan about attending. It incorporated a popular arcade/carnival game that I haven't played in quite some time, but remember it feeling very...therapeutic.

Giant Whack-A-Mole For Humans

In the video that went viral, you can see the huge inflatable circle with a hole in the center that someone is standing in. He is holding what seems to be a foam pool noodle and just going to town. While he spins around looking for co-workers to smack, they are popping in and out of the other holes around the circle. A giant human whack-a-mole game!

Where to Get a Giant Whack-A-Mole Game

My immediate thought when I saw this was where can I get one? All of us here at the radio station would have a BLAST with this game! I can definitely see where this could go wrong in certain offices, but the worst thing that would happen here would be someone wetting their pants from laughing so hard. What a perfect way to work out some frustration without actually hurting anyone, right?


I found some similar inflatable games (although a bit pricey) on Amazon to purchase as well as a couple of rental options in Northern Kentucky and Louisville/Lexington area. If anyone knows of a business offering this in Western Kentucky, PLEASE let me know!

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