I absolutely love this message and I had to share this story.  Yard signs that encourage residents and neighbors to "Be Kind" are popping up in neighborhoods around the tristate.

Melinda Cornell/Facebook

My friend Melinda Cornell is proudly displaying a Be Kind sign in her yard and, in addition to spreading the news about the signs, is sharing some stories of impact they're having here in the community.

Many folks are familiar with Melinda and her work with Golden Partners.  One of her volunteers, Shirley Brown, informed Melinda that Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Owensboro decided to sell the signs as a fundraiser.  Shirley purchased one, placed it in her yard and was treated to quite an amazing surprise.  After leaving her home to run an errand, she returned to find a note on her door.  A man had passed by, saw the sign and inquired about where he could purchase two of his own.

Melinda had the same experience.  In fact, as she was installing hers in the yard, someone across the street saw the sign and immediately asked where they could get one.  So, Melinda sold hers to them . . . and then immediately bought a replacement.

Be Kind signs are just $10 and they're available in a variety of styles.

So, what do you say?  Let's do this.  Let's buy all their signs and display them in yards around the WBKR listening area.  And, most importantly, let's make a commitment as a community to just BE KIND!