I was thinking about the upcoming 75th Annual Owensboro-Daviess County Christmas Parade, and it occurred to me how my involvement with the parade as evolved over the years. As a kid, we'd load up and go downtown, sit on the concrete wall across from Anderson's Department Store (now the museum) and get ready for a big day. Back then, the parades were held in the morning so that everyone could then go shopping downtown. So it was a particular thrill for me when I was 10 years old to actually get to BE in the parade. Our church had a float and we all got in on the act. My part? I was one of four kids--my sister included--who performed a puppet show for the entire length of the parade.

My arm was numb and stiff by the end of the thing, but it was still a blast. Then, later, after years of returning as a spectator, I was once again participating--this time with WBKR. And for years, that's why I never actually SAW the parade--just the floats or entries who were around us. And now, for the last four, maybe five years, Chad Benefield and I have been calling the action for Time Warner Cable Channel 8. And that is always a blast. Hey, I'm a parade spectator again--with a ringside seat.  I guess it never occurred to me that my relationship with the parade as actually evolved. And now, it occurs to me that it's come full circle.