When your state..uh...commonwealth...has 120 counties and YOUR county makes a top ten, it's nice when the category is a good one.

In Kentucky, Daviess County has been ranked among the top counties in which you secure get a mortgage.

The folks at SmartAsset have crunched the numbers and found that Daviess is the 7th best mortgage market in the Bluegrass.

And out of 3,007 counties in the entire country, we rank 815th. That's puts us in the top 27%.

The map at SmartAsset shows Daviess County with a 69.01% loan funding rate; 5-year borrowing costs at $75,345 on average; a $12,258 average property tax; and an average annual mortgage payment of $14,458.

The next closest, as far as western Kentucky counties in the tri-state are concerned, is Henderson County, ranked 14th.


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