A new year means a new Solid Waste rate schedule here in Daviess County, Kentucky. According to County Treasurer Jordan Johnsnon, that rate schedule hasn't been changed since way back in 2011. But new rates officially went into effect yesterday- on January 1st, 2024.

Effective immediately, there's a two dollar increase per small load at each location. Those locations include the Grimes Avenue Transfer Station and the West Daviess County Landfill.

According to Treasurer Johnson, the Grimes Avenue Transfer Station will see an increase of $6.50 per ton for trash from $30.50 to $37. The West County Landfill will see an increase of $4.50 per ton of trash. It will increase from $25.50 per ton to $30. That increase will be $3.50 per ton for C&D Material from $19.50 to $23.

New rate hikes aside, county officials say Daviess County's rates, comparatively speaking, are still low. "Daviess County remains the least expensive operation within a 50-mile radius." The rate changes were approved in June of 2023 to give local residents and haulers ample notice of the hike.

That said, there was a relatively urgent need for that rate increase.  Johnson says "the current rates were not adequate to fund operations and capital expenses without incurring debt sometime over the next three years."

The good news for consumers though is this. The rate increases that went into effect yesterday are expected to generate sufficient revenue for the Solid Waste Operating Fund to stay above the recommended reserve through the 2029-2030 Fiscal Year.

To see the complete rate schedule- for the West Daviess County Landfill, the Grimes Avenue Transfer Station and the East Daviess County Transfer Station, CLICK HERE!

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