Be sure what you burn in your yard is legal before you light that match. Even when a burn ban is not in effect, illegal residential burning can earn a hefty fine. Here's what you need to know.

Do I Need a Permit to Open Burn in My Yard?

According to the Daviess County Fiscal Court, residents that have less than one acre of land are required to get a permit to open burn anything other than leaves. Open burning is not allowed within the corporate limits within the city of Owensboro. It's easy to obtain your free permit.

Call the Daviess County Fire Department at 270-685-8440 with any questions.


What is Legal and Illegal to Burn in Your Backyard?

The Airport Sorgho Fire Department posted a reminder on social media of what's legal to open burn.

Airport Sorgho Fire Department
Airport Sorgho Fire Department

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