What in the world happened to this whole Daylight Saving Time thing going away? I could have sworn lawmakers were going to enact legislation that did away with this seemingly archaic practice, but I guess not. Perhaps "we'll look into it" was a way of placating the masses.

As Mid-Winter Approaches, KY Looks Ahead to DST

Anyway, here we are still making the twice-annual change to our clocks--and we all have so many now, right?--and, no, we are no worse for wear. But what if we had done what a friend of mine suggested back in November and just NOT set our clocks back? I mean, we DO have the freedom to restrain ourselves from this activity, but it wouldn't be recognized. And Sleep Foundation informs us that that CANNOT be officially sanctioned.

Federal law prohibits states from switching to permanent daylight saving time. Changes to federal law, including the Sunshine Protection Act, did not come up for a vote in 2023. Dozens of U.S. states are considering legislation to eliminate clock changes. But there has been relatively <span class="source-shortcode d-inline font-weight-normal" data-source-index="1">little momentum </span>compared to recent years.

In case you've always wondered and it never got farther than that, here's why we have it in the first place:

When Will Daylight Saving Time Start in 2024?

Sounds like we're stuck with it, doesn't it? So, before we hit the sack on the evening of March 9th, 2024, we will all change our clocks and prepare to get one less hour of sleep that night BUT one more hour of sunshine (if it's sunny that day.) Yep, DST will begin at 2 AM on March 10th whether we want it to or not.

And some do.

Not Everyone Opposes Daylight Saving Time

Proponents say the added evening daylight will also lead to a reduction in crime, a potential reduction in energy usage and diminished health risks associated with the time change. Critics of the bill, however, say year-round daylight saving time will play havoc with people’s circadian rhythms.

Plus, I have friends with school-age children who would prefer they not have to wait for the bus in the dark early morning hours.

It's been a part of our lives our ENTIRE lives and will remain so. We might as well get used to it--again, it's one of the most harmless things we will ever do--because, even though Kentucky lawmakers came close to addressing it in the recent past, it doesn't look like it will be a top priority for legislative bodies anytime soon.

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