Next Thursday evening, Daviess County High School sophomore Eric Holder is going to be recognized in a special ceremony at the Daviess County Courthouse.  He's being honored for amazing, life-saving actions he took on Saturday, April 20th.  Here's what happened.



According to Daviess County Public Schools, "Eric and his father were driving to their farm in Whitesville to go turkey hunting when they encountered heavy water over the road.  After stopping their truck, they saw a small car in the field beside the road, about to sink underwater. At first, they assumed the car was empty, but then Eric heard a woman’s voice calling for help."

As his father called 911, Eric leaped into action and instructed the driver to exit her car through the window.  As a matter of fact, he helped her safely to the road.  Shortly thereafter, her car submerged completely.  After truly rescuing the woman from a life-threatening emergency, Eric and his father drove her home.

Next Thursday, Eric will be honored for his heroics next Thursday at 5pm at Daviess County Fiscal Court.  The ceremony will be presided over by Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain.

Congratulations, Eric!


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