New regulations for deer hunting in Kentucky have been finalized and will go into effect when archery season begins this Saturday. Hunting zones have also been changed for 2018-2019.

Union, Henderson, McLean, Muhlenberg, have changed from hunting Zone 1 to Zone 2. Hancock and Daviess have changed from Zone 2 To Zone 3.

When Modern Gun season starts in October, it will be 16 days across all hunting zones. There are different bag limits for each zone. In Zone 2, hunters may harvest up to four deer but they bag more in a different zone. Zone 3 allows a harvest of up to four, with no more than one antlerless deer may be taken with a firearm or qualifying air gun.

If hunters want to harvest more, they will have to purchase additional deer permits (2 per permit and zone bag limits apply).

As always, hunters may only take one buck statewide during the season.

The changes come as fewer than seven percent of successful hunters take more than two deer in a season; fewer than one percent take more than four deer. Hunters help manage the deer population by harvesting more does in Zone 1 counties and by helping farmers who are experiencing crop damage by harvesting more does.

See the updated Fall Hunting Guide HERE.

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