Phillip Erb was simply taking the garbage out last night when something odd caught his eye.  At first, he thought the incredibly bright object was just the moon, then realized it was anything but.  He ran back into the house, grabbed his camera, started to film and caught this- a rather close encounter of the inexplicable kind.

Credit my friend Katie Pickens for sharing Phillip's original post on Facebook.  That's how it popped up in my news feed.  And here's the crazy thing.  Phillip says "The thing was bigger than a school bus up close. When I first saw it, I mistook it for the moon it was so bright. It was also notably white. When I came back outside with my camera, I thought I lost it, but it was blue and further away."

I chatted with Phillip this morning and he added this, "When I first saw it, it was above the day care on Burlew Blvd.  I ran into get my camera and when I came back out I thought I had missed it altogether, until I saw movement on the horizon."

The video you see was shot from Phillip's porch which faces the old GE plant.  When Phillip first shared the video late last night, some folks quickly suggested that the object was possibly a drone, but Phillip says, his estimation, that it was way to fast for that.

Did you or anyone you know see it last night too?  Or did you check out the video above?  We want to know what you think?  Can you identify this unidentified flying object?

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