There's a major difference in the North and South and how they handle snowy conditions!

Before I start, I want to put a disclaimer on this video.......Barb cares about safety so don't start beating me up. This is just in good fun!

When I was in school in Northern Michigan I remember clearly the philosophy of whether school was cancelled or not. The superintendent, Mr. Sandy, would say that if he could pull out of his was in session. And, well you guessed it. School was ALWAYS in session. Now in the South's defense, Northerner's are prepared for months and months of snow and all conditions. Black Ice (which is horrible to drive on), Whiteout Conditions (white knuckle the steering wheel) and four feet of snow (yep, sometimes you can't even get out of the house as snow is up to the windows).

I want to make it known that I much more prefer The South over The North when it comes to snow!

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