Burn Ban in Effect in 61 Kentucky Counties
Officially, calendar fall is supposed to begin this coming Monday. Well, in Kentucky fall is going to be put on hold perhaps until early October. The biggest concern at this point is, of course, the persistent heat but also the extremely dry conditions as it's been several weeks since we'v…
White Wooly Worm Spotted in Muhlenberg County
My cousin Jennifer grew up in and lives in Muhlenberg County. She walks everyday and she likes to snap pictures along the Trails to Rails. The other day, she spotted this white wooly worm, which got me thinking, what does a white one mean?
Don't Leave These Items in Your Car During Extreme Cold
It's coming, the coldest temperatures and wind chill factors we've seen in quite some time. Your car may be a place where you normally store a lot of stuff you may not need right away, however, make sure the following items are not in your car while we go through the Polar Vortex.
Fun Ways To Tie A Scarf (VIDEO)
Scarves used to be only used when it was cold outside. Well, times are changing even if the weather here in the Tri-State can't make up its' mind. Here are so super fun ways to tie a scarf for weather or just because you want to make a fashion statement.

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