Major League Baseball's spring training gets underway next Saturday, February 24th and we're celebrating with some really fun news. The American Cancer Society has announced its 2024 date for ACS Day at the Ballpark.

Cue this!

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ACS Day at the Ballpark is set for Sunday, September 8th at Busch Stadium in St.Louis. That's when the Cardinals will take the field against the Seattle Mariners.

Steph Chambers/Getty Images
Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Fans and ACS supporters are able to purchase tickets for that particular game a discounted rate. The tiers of seating are as follows:

LEVEL 100- $40

LEVEL 200- $35

LEVEL 300- $20


Each ACS Day at the Ballpark ticket includes entrance to the stadium at 9am CST, admission to the game (begins at 1:15pm), plus a jumbo hot dog, drink and access to special pre-game activities. Those activities include: alumni player autographs, dugout tours, walking the field, pictures with the World Series Trophy, and more. Ticket holders will also receive a free gift from the St. Louis Cardinals (TBD). In years past, there have been Bobbleheads, sweatshirts, team hats, etc.

New for 2024 is electronic ticketing through the MLB Ballpark app.

Once your purchase is reserved with an American Cancer Society representative, your tickets will be transferred to you electronically.

If you'd like to reserve tickets for September 8th, Anna Way will be happy to reserve them for you. Anna Way is the co-chair of Daviess County/McLean County Relay for Life and you can contact her by calling 270-993-1335 or emailing her at  She needs your name, number of tickets, which seating level and your contact number. Simply get in touch with her and place your order before February 29th.

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