Did I ever tell you about the time I took advantage of getting pulled over by the police in order to dispose of drain cleaner?

How's that for an unusual question?


I had rolled through a stop sign at Gemini Drive and Tamarack Road. It was late. I had just left my mother's place and I got pulled over. The officer gave me a warning and sent me on my way, but not before I asked him what to do about an old but full bottle of Liquid Plumr someone had mysteriously left at the foot of my mother's driveway. I didn't want to put it in her dumpster so I put it in the car and took it with me to figure out what to do later. Conveniently, I ran a stop sign and the officer took the bottle with him to dispose of it properly.

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This October, it will not be necessary to commit a traffic violation to get anyone's attention. The Daviess County Fiscal Court will WELCOME your bottle of drain cleaner to the Daviess County Operations Center on the morning of October 9th between 8 AM and 12 PM. It will also welcome many OTHER toxic materials during its annual free Tox Away Day.

Lighter fluid, batteries, pesticides, bleach, and other household cleaners are just a small part of the list which you can find on the event's Facebook page. Also, note the materials the court will NOT be accepting at Tox Away Day.


I love and welcome these events; the shredding and tire disposal events are also very handy. But this is the big one for me. I could shred or hang on to my papers and I could just stack the tires out of sight in the back yard until I get around to them.

But I don't want POISONS just sitting there in my home. I bet you don't either.

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