I ran across a piece from Time Magazine about bad habits that we should all break immediately.

Taking a closer look, I realized that they were WORK habits.

Taking an even CLOSER look, I realized that some didn't necessarily have to be work-related.

And the one at the top of the list--don't answer calls from unrecognized numbers--is one I've learned to break very recently, but maybe not for THEIR reasons.

Not emailing first thing in the morning or the last thing at night makes perfect sense since you're not 100% clear-headed in the morning and, well, the subject matter might be something you sleep ON if you're thinking about doing it at night.

Now some of the rest of them are VERY business-specific.

But I have to wonder if the one near the bottom of the list is ANYTHING any of us can do.

And if you have, tell me how it was.

I'm talking about the suggestion to separate ourselves from our smartphones for a whole day.

I have never tried it.

Honestly, it's my only phone, so I may NEVER get to try it. But I can't help but wonder if I'd be successful.


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