In the movies bank heists always include cool masks. Like for instance, the Joker in "The Dark Knight", clown masked his comrades in crime. I've seen the presidential rubber masks and even those semi- transparent human face masks...those really creep me out. The thing is you usually don't use outdated hair dos to hide your true identity, that is of course, until the mullet bandit arrived. Yes folks he is a hard core bank robbing, gun toting, fan of the same hair style that made Billy Ray Cyrus so famous. I just happened upon this news story about the bandit on yahoo news and burst into laughter when the thorough description of the bandits hairstyle came into play. "A style popular in the 1980s that is short on the top, tight on the sides and long in the back" . All that's missing from this guys daily bank heisting activities are biker shorts and some leg warmers. So I have to ask does this man look familiar to you? Honestly guys, how can he not? I just say three of  this guy at the gas station on my way into work two hours ago. How do you get away with bank robbery? Dress like every guy who ever owned a Van Halen record and you're  in. Genius!