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Haley Strode guest stars!
I always love to hear when one of our own from Owensboro finds success out in Hollywood.  It is even more exciting when I personally know them.
Billy Ray Cyrus is returning to TV via CMT. He will star as an ex-country star turned Elvis impersonator in the new comedy series 'Still The King'. Take a look!
Billy Ray Cyrus Got Kizzy
As heard with Moon & Chad this morning, Kizzy was ranting about this story from Taste of Country.
Billy Ray Cyrus may have another 'Achy Breaky' hit on his hands!
Although he will be now be known forever as "Miley's Dad", Billy Ray Cyrus continues to make music, and this new collaboration is in a word, unusual. We all know "Achy Breaky Heart" was a monster hit and, it was covered by The Chipmunks, why not? Yesterday, a new video surfaced o…
The Return of the Achy Breaky?
It's been almost 22 years since Billy Ray Cyrus' hit 'Achy Breaky Heart' was unleashed to country radio, but the singer may be bringing the song back ... in a decidedly non-country way.
What Daddies Do for Daughters
Billy Ray Cyrus has said again and again that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, will always be his little girl -- twerking and all. So when her 21st birthday rolled around on Nov. 23, he went all out on her birthday present, spending $24,000 on an extremely lavish surprise. Only the best for his daughter!

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