Here's a really fun #ThrowbackThursday tribute for you. If you grew up in Tennessee, Indiana or Kentucky in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s, chances are you visited Opryland U.S.A. The popular Nashville, Tennessee theme park was home to iconic rides and popular shows and was a summer vacation destination for families. I absolutely loved Opryland and, though it closed way back in 1997, I still think about it a lot.

As a matter of fact, I recently purchased a vintage park map from a seller on Ebay. I plan to get it professionally framed and hang it in my home or office. I walked every inch of this park multiple times throughout my childhood and teen years. I remember it well. Still.


I am also a proud and active member of a Facebook group dedicated to keeping the park's memory alive. It was just a couple of days ago on the Opryland USA page that I stumbled across this. A fellow user commented that she wishes someone had filmed themselves riding Opryland's popular log ride called Flume Zoom.

I loved that ride. The 'log ride' laced the treetops and was the first glimpse of the park's rides and attractions you could see when you pulled into the Opryland parking lot. That particular ride, by the way, had a couple of different names throughout the course of Opryland's history. It was called Flume Zoom from 1972 through 1991 (though it was briefly called the Nestea Plunge in 1979 due to a sponsorship arrangement). From 1991-1997, the ride was called Dulcimer Splash. I gotta be honest though. We always just called it "The Log Ride."

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Luckily, the crew at WKRN has some archive footage of the ride they filmed back in 1995, a couple of years before the park closed.  If you ever rode the "log ride," this is going to instantly bring back memories!

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