If you have been to Splashin' Safari this year, you know it's massive.  Now, with Cheetah Chase, Mammoth and Wildebeest, Holiday World's water park is now considered the Water Coaster Capital of the World.  The park has grown exponentially over the last 25 years or so.  For some perspective, take a look at this.  This was Splashin' Safari in 1993.

Yes!  That was the year that Splashin' Safari opened.  When it did, it featured the Congo River, AmaZOOM, the Bamboo Chute and Crocodile River.  The following year, it added the The Wave.  It was 2002 that the park added ZOOMbabwe, which, at launch, was the world's largest enclosed water slide.

Since then, Splashin' Safari has continued making history.  In 2010, Wildebeest opened and became the park's first water coaster and the longest water coaster in the world.  Two years later, Holiday World took its record and smashed it with Mammoth.  Then, of course, this summer, on July 4th, the park unveiled its third water coaster, Cheetah Chase, which is the world's first launched water coaster.

Just yesterday Holiday World celebrated its 74th birthday and we're celebrating here at WBKR by giving you the chance to win tickets to the park.  For more information on the contest and how you could win, CLICK HERE.

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Chad & Angel Take On Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Coasters

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