First of all, the real news. Julianne Hough is set to return to Dancing with the Stars on Monday, October 7th!  But she won't be burning up the dance floor.  She'll be a guest judge, filling in for Len Goodman and sitting alongside fellow ballroom experts Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba.  Now, for my news.  As I tuned in and watched Julianne make that announcement last week, something occurred to me.  She reminds me of someone.  Then, it hit me!

Do you remember Faye Grant?  She was the star of V, my absolute favorite miniseries of all-time.  And I swear (and I don't mean to age you, Faye), she could be Julianne Hough's mother.  Look at these photos!

Here's a black and white shot of Faye from the set of V.

Facebook/V: The Miniseries

Now, here's a black and white shot of Julianne Hough from her official Facebook page.  Take the semi-automatic out of the equation and there is a definite resemblance.

Julianne Hough's official Facebook page

See what I mean?

How about these two photos?  Here's Faye Grant in a 1996 Warner Brothers still . . .

Warner Brothers

And here's Julianne from last Monday's episode of Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing with the Stars/ABC

I'm telling you.  If Julianne Hough had a gun and was ready to pop a cap in some alien ass, she would be Faye Grant!  LOL!  I really do think they look a lot alike.  Am I making this up or do you see the resemblance too?

While we deliberate, you can catch Julianne Hough on Dancing with the Stars, Monday, October 7th.  According to IMDB, Faye Grant last acted professionally in 2008 and is currently estranged from her husband of 27 years, Stephen Collins (7th Heaven).  She has a daughter named Kate, who probably looks a lot like Julianne Hough.