48-year-old Utah resident LeGrand Gold has been battling Stage 4 cancer for the past couple of years, and when his latest set of scans relayed bad news, he started focusing less on treatment and more on checking off the items on his bucket list — aka "LG's List of Living."

"The scans showed the cancer spreading and getting outside of my liver, and so they said the chemo is not working anymore, the radiation is not working anymore," Gold recounted to Orem, Utah, NBC affiliate KSLTV. "They just sent me home and said, 'Be with your family.'"

The items on his "List of Living" included some fairly realistic goals, including finishing projects with his children and taking a trip to Chicago with his wife, Alice. But one item — meeting Dolly Parton — seemed unattainable — until a call came in on Friday morning (Dec. 22), and Parton's unmistakable voice was on the other end of the line. Gold's wife captured the whole call on video, and he shared the moment on his YouTube channel.

"Hey LG, it's Dolly P!" Parton quipped, after Alice told the country superstar her husband's nickname. Gold beamed with laughter in response.

"I've heard you've been a fan of mine for many years, and I just wanted to thank you for that," Parton continued."...I really thank you for shooting out the word that you'd like to talk with me. I'm just happy that we got to have our journey together in this lifetime. I always wanna make people happy with my music, and with the things I do and the things I say. I'm just happy to know that I've touched your life in some way. So thank you for honoring me with that."

At the end of the call, Parton sang a couple bars of her hit "I Will Always Love You," adding Gold's name into the lyric.

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"She sang me a song, put my name in the song," he told KSL after the fact. "I feel like I'm immortal now."

According to a GoFundMe page, Gold and his wife share five children, who range in age from 24-year-old Abigail to nine-year-old Maximus. People reports that the family is still working to complete "LG's List of Living," and that they're planning to throw a fake wedding in January in order to give their four daughters a chance to have a father-daughter dance with their dad.

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