I have to be honest.  I hadn't even considered this question until my longtime friend Jeanette Noone asked it on her Facebook page a couple of days ago.  She found herself at the hospital recently and was hungry, so she started weighing her options.  Those options were pretty cut and dry. She could get some food at the hospital cafeteria.  She could leave the hospital for a bit and go and pick up carryout from somewhere.  Or, she could have food delivered to her via Door Dash or Grub Hub. The only problem?  She wasn't sure how that worked.  Well, good news.  Jeanette got an answer to her question.

As it turns out, Door Dash DOES deliver to Owensboro Health.  So, I thought I would poll my friends and find out exactly how this works.  I mean, I have questions now.  Do they deliver directly to your hospital room?  Will they deliver to a particular waiting room at the hospital if you're there while someone you know is in surgery?  Are the delivery folks even allowed inside the hospital or do you have to meet them at the front door or outside?  See!  Inquiring (and really hungry) minds really do want to know.

My friend Scott has been working for Door Dash for the last eighteen months. He's an Owensboro Top Dasher", by the way.  He says it's given him the opportunity to meet some amazing people and he routinely makes deliveries to the hospital.  In fact, he's there roughly three to four times per week.  And, by the way, he says deliveries there are usually seamless.  According to Scott, "There's never any issue."  Typically, most customers ask him to drop their delivery off at the ER entrance.  He estimates that one out of four request that he use the main entrance.

That, by the way, is the experience Jeanette had.  She met her Door Dasher at the front door.

My friend (and former WBKR intern) Alex Carlton delivers for Door Dash in Madisonville.  She has made deliveries to the hospital there and the system at Baptist Health Deaconess works similarly to the process at Owensboro Health.  She simply calls the customer upon arrival and they come outside of the hospital to a predetermined location to pick up their order.  She has delivered to both the ER and Main Entrances.

So, there you have it!  The next time you find yourself at the hospital wanting to order out, you can. Just know that Door Dash is going to live up to its billing. You'll need to meet them at the door.

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