Have you seen any of these signs?  I was driving down Bosley Road this morning on my way to the Rooster Booster breakfast and I noticed this sign.  At first, I thought it was a campaign sign.  After all, 'tis the season.  Then I read it more closely.  It urges motorists in the neighborhood to "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here."


This particular sign sits as the intersection of Bosley Road and Stratford here in Owensboro.  As a matter of fact, you'll notice several of these posted in yards in that neighborhood.

The signs direct you to the website DriveLikeYourKidsLiveHere.com, which is dedicated to spreading awareness of the fact that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in children 14 years and younger.  I'll admit it.  I didn't known that.  I wouldn't have known that if this sign hadn't caught my attention this morning.  The website has my attention now too because it contains other startling stats as well:

  • Every day in the United States an average of 3 children are killed in motor vehicle accidents!
  • Every day in the United States an average of 500 children are injured in motor vehicle accidents!
  • Every day motor vehicles kill more children than any disease!

The signs in Owensboro (and other cities around the country) are just one way the group is "promoting safety in our neighborhoods."  The organization's motto: Post a Sign- Save a Life."  You can purchase your own Drive Like Your Kids Live Here sign by CLICKING HERE!  Currently, you can purchase one yard sign for $12.99.  Or you can purchase a 2-pack for $19.99.

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