The 2012 General Election is just around the corner - and time is running out for you to register to vote in Henderson and Owensboro. 

For residents in Henderson County, Kentucky - the last day to register to vote is October 9.  While the county does not allow Early Voting, as in Indiana, it does allow Absentee Voting.  That begins September 27 and ends at 4:30pm on November 5, the day before the 2012 General Election.  You can find out more at the Henderson County Clerk website.

In Owensboro the deadline to register to vote is also October 9, but Absentee Voting begins October 15 and ends November 5 and 4:30pm.  The Daviess County Clerk will also be open on Saturday, November 3, from 8am to 12pm to allow Absentee Voting for those last minute absentee voters who were unable to vote in the previous weeks.  You can find out more at the bottom of the page for the Daviess County Elections.

Indiana residents may register to vote online in the 2012 General Election.

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