WBKR's American Idol expert, Steve Thompson, called it.  Thursday, on the WBKR Waking Crew, he said that while Elise may have had her best week on the show she was likely going home.  On last night's results show, she did.  Which leaves us with five remaining Idol hopefuls.  In sports this is what analysts call "Crunch Time."  So, Steve is "crunching" the Idol numbers to give us his opinions about who is finale bound and who's headed for a heartbreak.

Steve joined The WBKR Waking Crew this morning to chat with Moon and me and we talked him into caling the final three.  LISTEN!

From Steve Thompson:

  • Once again, America, youth must be served.  In this instance, a bit like the guy who goes up to the hostess and says "Donner.  Party of Seven."  There will never be another adult champion of this or any other music competition as long as the texters and the twits bombard the internet like the Luftwaffe over London.  My only hope is that of these freakishly young contestants either Hollie or Skylar can win this competition.  Goodbye, Elise.  Something tells me you'll be heard from again.
  • Now we are left on this island filled with teens and young adults.  Fortunately, William Golding never wrote for reality television.
  • Next week, Coldplay will be the musical guests.  (Does this mean we get to see Gwynneth in the audience?  Now don't get tense, I happen to actually like her.)  Feel free to speculate if this means we get to hear five Coldplay songs from our contestants or if this is a British band category.  Frankly, there haven't been too many Coldplay covers that I thought were as good or better than the original-- so if this is a real category we might be due a trainwreck.  (Author's Note:  British music is the theme.)
  • I have just learned that Carrie Underwood will be making her return to Idol next Thursday.  No word if we're going to have a country theme this year.
  •   In the meantime, a quick look at the final five...
  • 05.  Phil Phillips:  Who would've guessed that P2 would've been this season's lady killer?  Flirting with JLo is one thing-- but when you catch the eye of Julianne Hough you may soon find yourself incurring the wrath of Seacrest.  Oh, the singing?  Sorry.  Still can't get behind him on the singing.
  • 04.  Jessica Sanchez:  There's nothing about Jessica that actually screams Idol to me.  Considering all of our female winners from the past 11 years and a few of my favorites who didn't get the top prize, there should be some sizzle in the performances that I think her youth won't allow her to reach.
  • 03.  Joshua Ledet:  This recent discovery that he doesn't have to sing every song as if he's just escaped from an all day revival service has shown much more promise than the obvious and overly calculating choir placement that was so much a trademark of his earlier performances it very nearly turned into parody.  I'm not convinced he will continue to be the leading vote getter.
  • 02.  Skylar Laine:  More than a little concerned that her fanbase is no longer expanding.  I'm convinced she was actually the second lowest in popular vote, but the producers placed Holly in that position because of how well her Miley Cyrus cover was received.  (As I've said, there's no law against pumping up the melodrama.) 
  • 01.  Holly Cavanaugh:  Jimmy Iovine wondered if she was making her move too little and too late.  Frankly, I was happy to see her doing well again.  Very early in the season I thought she would be a frontrunner.  I'm beginning to think her strange trajectory has helped her continue to advance.  It will all come down to the song choices.
  • Tune in again next week.  Same Idol time...  Same Idol station.

@April 26, 2012  Stephen W Thompson