Last night on American Idol, our remaining seven contestants took on hits from the current charts.  In fact, each hopeful had to choose a song from 2012 to now.  And, Idol's resident country gal, Skylar Laine, took on a big old Kellie Pickler song and swung for the fences.  How did she do?  Check it out!  Plus, read Steve Thompson's full review of last night's show and find out who WBKR's Idol expert thinks is safe and who is danger of going home.

From Steve Thompson:

  • For some reason tonight, I kept being reminded of the old television show Your Hit Parade where a troupe of singers would sing whatever the hits of the day happened to be.  Ironically, the show ended up being canceled about the same time the rock era started going strong in the 50s.
  • Evidently, Idol is convinced the great Hilfiger Experiment must continue.  Either that or The Powers That Be have decided that since they're paying the guy he might as well do something.  Time stands still when Tommy is on screen-- and not in a good way.
  • Tonight's best assessment came from Steven Tyler: "Crows may crow, but the hens deliver the goods."  Perdue might need to look into that one.
  • We've just about come to that place where it's hard to tell seventh place from first.  Here's my best guess...
  • 07. Hollie Cavanaugh sang Perfect by Pink.  I guess calling this less than perfect is way too easy, but I fear Hollie nay be in the most precarious position of all our contestants.  The Judges Save may be fully in play Thursday night and Hollie just might be the biggest beneficiary.
  • 06.  Phil Phillips sang Give a Little More by Maroon 5.  I wasn't very impressed by Phil's song selection tonight and I don't know if he helped himself with this song. ( I find it interesting that I rather like Adam Levine on The Voice but I still cannot stand his music.)  If Phil is the lowest vote getter, the judges may save him as well.
  • 05.  Jessica Sanchez sang Stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan.  Obscure to the extreme, at least where I am concerned.  There's always been an unwritten rule about this show that says the more obscure the song, the less the audience will vote.  I don't cre how well she sang it-- I just feel like the audience rejects what it doesn't know.
  • 04.  Joshua Ledet sang Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars.  Well, at least he didn't kill the song by bringing out all his usual Gospel-centric bag of tricks.  There were actually parts of this performance I almost admired-- considering I'm not crazy about his singing, that may be praise.  Frankly, I wouldn't take a grenade for his performance.
  • 03.  Elise Testone sang You and I by Lady Gaga.  Not nearly as good as Haley Reinhart's version from last year, but since I'm not a fan of Gaga I'd have to say I liked it.  (The chances of me buying anything by Lady Gaga are on a par with me becoming a Louisville Cardinals fan.  It ain't happening.)  Would Elise be saved by the judges?  Probably this week since they praised her performance.
  • 02.  Skylar Laine sang Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You by Kellie Pickler.  I agreed with the judges on this one.  This is the kind of song Skylar should cover once she starts making music.  Yes, it's not as well known as many other country songs.  However, Skylar did the song so well the obscurity factor may not even be relevant in her case.
  • 01.  Colton Dixon sang Love the Way You Lie by Skylar Grey.  This was a very cool rendition.  This song has been played to death, but Colton brought an interesting texture to his performance.  I actually listened to the words tonight-- which is something I can't do when left to Rhianna's devices.
  • More than ever, I'm inclined to call Judges Save for the night.  I think most of our seven are very close in audience votes and would not be shocked if any of the seven ended up in jeopardy.  (No.  Not the one with Alex Trebek.)  If you really want me to, I'll say Hollie is in the biggest trouble.  I say no one leaves this week due to the save.
  • As always, your mileage may vary.

@April 11, 2012  Stephen W Thompson

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