Do you what's still weird? Driving into Owensboro on New Hartford Road and NOT seeing Gabe's Tower, that's what.


Oddly enough, it's not that weird when I drive by the old property on Triplett Street. But then again, that's not a part of Triplett I've driven on very much--at least not as much as out on U.S. 231/New Hartford Road. I went to Daviess County High School, so it was always right there in the middle of the windshield coming into town. And then, as of 2021, it wasn't.

It's a funny feeling when something that's been somewhere your entire life is no longer there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in deep remorse that Gabe's Tower is gone, but, yes, it's a little odd not seeing it there.

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I'm sure I'll feel the same way when Owensboro Municipal Utilities' iconic Elmer Smith Power Plant on East 4th Street/Highway 144 gets the wrecking ball treatment--an undertaking that's expected to begin in the spring of 2022. Another power plant near Daviess County Middle School will also come down.

It's a bit of a lonely feeling to know that that massive facility that has been there since 1964 will be gone. I mean, I know it's a power plant and every city has them, but I don't know how many times I've friends or relatives make comments about it when they've come into Owensboro that way. My late Uncle Austin was particularly impressed. I'm not kidding, when they lived in Washington DC, that's how they'd come into town and he couldn't quit talking about--at least until Aunt Flossie had heard enough.


Naturally, there are tons of memories from folks who have worked there over the years. So a public Facebook group was created so that folks could join and SHARE those memories or any photos they might have.

I joined the group even though I've never worked there and have never even been in the building, but I've enjoyed the images. I would love it if they opened it for tours before they tore it down, but I don't know the condition it's in; it was decommissioned in 2020.

But, yes, if you have memories of the Elmer Smith Station or photos you'd like to share, the page is called "Elmer Smith Station Memories." I'd imagine the administrator or administrators would be thrilled to death to see any pictures you might have or hear memories you'd like to share.

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