I have been tracking this from the get-go. Back in the fall of 2022, Ethan Hawke showed up in Shelbyville KY and made the rounds scouting locations for an upcoming period piece about author Flannery O'Connor.

Hawke did the same thing in Louisville's older neighborhoods which have always appeared to me like they were frozen in time. I'm glad he discovered one of them--St. James Court--and put it to work.

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Wildcat Trailer Released

While keeping track of Wildcat--an appropriate title for a movie filmed in Kentucky, even if it has nothing to do with basketball--I've been checking the proper platforms, over the last few months, to see if a trailer had been uploaded. Well, we finally have it.

With Louisville, Shelbyville, and New Haven KY as shooting locations, I'd imagine Kentuckians will try to spot places they know or have visited. Owensboro native Father Matthew Hardesty, for example, spotted familiar territory right away.

I also kept looking for word about where and when the premiere for the film would be. Now, I don't know if this is the OFFICIAL premiere, but it IS a pre-release screening, and it will happen at The Kentucky Theatre in Lexington on Saturday, April 13th. Director Ethan Hawke and one of the movie's stars, Georgetown KY resident Steve Zahn, will be on hand for the event.

So Who Was Flannery O'Connor, the Subject of Ethan Hawke's Movie?

Wildcat covers the period when O'Connor--an author of southern gothic fiction, primarily in the form of short stories--was struggling to publish her first novel. Despite the debilitating effects of steroids she was prescribed after being diagnosed with lupus, O'Connor still made several appearances on the lecture circuit, reading her works publicly. Flannery O'Connor passed away in 1964, living seven years longer than doctors believed she would.

Maya Hawke (Stranger Things, Little Women), Ethan Hawke's daughter with actress Uma Thurman, plays Flannery O'Connor. Emmy-winner and three-time Oscar nominee Laura Linney plays her mother. Liam Neeson also co-stars as a priest.

Wildcat will be officially released on May 3rd.

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