Sometimes you have to let go of something in order to grow.

Your Evansville Rescue Mission has been serving the community for over 106 years. During that time, the team of devoted staff, volunteers, and community partners have expanded the services and programming way beyond a homeless shelter.

What is Camp Reveal?

Camp Reveal hosts hundreds of youth campers every summer. They get to experience some things for the very first time like swimming, zip lining, and archery. It's also the perfect site for company gatherings and worship gatherings. The 105-acre retreat is located on Boonville-New Harmony Road in Northern Vanderburgh County.


It was purchased in 1927 for just $1 per acre. Dr. Ernest “Pappy” Reveal, the founder of your Evansville Rescue Mission, literally prayed it into existence.

Update 7/11/23:

Your Evansville Rescue Mission is pleased to announce that Hahn Kiefer Real Estate Services is the listing Broker for our Camp Reveal property. All inquiries about the property should be directed to Joe Kiefer or Josey McLaughlin at 812-477-6980.

Since Camp Reveal means so much to our community you may wonder why the Evansville Rescue Mission plans to sell the amazing property.

Evansville Rescue Mission President / CEO Tracy Gorman:

Camp Reveal has played an extraordinarily important role in the life of your Evansville Rescue Mission over the past eight decades. The Board of Directors and I are very aware that, more than ever, our community truly needs the focus of the ERM to be on meeting the needs of a rapidly growing homeless population here in the Tri-State. In fact, the number of unhoused individuals has increased significantly this year, and we want to rise to the occasion by providing the best possible assistance to as many of those individuals as we possibly can.
This will happen best through our ministry at the Men’s Residence Center, where we offer 222 beds; and from which we will provide over 300,000 meals this year. As well, beginning in 2025, the Mission will open the Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children on the east side of Evansville. This new facility will provide between 125 and 170-bed spaces to homeless women and their children – and will be the first such facility in our entire region. With limited resources, the ERM had to make some tough, strategic choices. With prayerful consideration, and a focus on where our community has the direst, currently unmet needs, we concluded the resources the Lord has and will continue to provide must be intentionally focused on our ministries to the homeless, hungry, addicted, and marginalized. That realization helped us to make the decision to sell Camp Reveal.

10 Services Your Evansville Rescue Mission Provides

Your Evansville Rescue Mission is so much more than a men's homeless shelter. They provide a lot of services to give a hand up, not a handout. ERM has been serving Evansville, Indiana for over 100 years, thanks to volunteers.

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Then & Now - Evansville's Washington Square Mall Through the Years

Evansville is home to a lot of unique buildings including the first enclosed retail shopping center in Indiana. Yes, our very own Washington Square Mall was the place to be when it opened in 1963. If you walk through the mall today, you would never guess how alive the shops were, even through the 1980s. Enjoy this walk down memory lane I've put together, and maybe someday there will be new life inside 5011 Washington Ave.

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