Anytime I hear sirens or I'm wondering about a traffic issue, the first place I check is the EvansvilleWatch Facebook page. Normally, they are all about sharing police scanner traffic as a public service. Now, EvansvilleWatch is also serving as a good news outlet.

Ask and Recieve

In less than 24 hours EvansvilleWatch had nearly 100 comments on their post asking for some positive stories. Specifically, they want experiences involving the police, emergency medical services, and fire departments. They provide life-saving services every day, but we can all agree that we mostly hear about the bad news.

Life-Changing Moment at Donut Bank

This first story involves former Evansville Assistant Police Chief Jason Cullum, and just one of the lives he changed, and possibly saved during his career as a police officer.

"This story isn't something that's current, but it definitely affects my current life. In July 2015, Officer Cullum (now retired) arrested me for what ended up being a DUI. It wasn’t my first go-around. I went on a downward spiral for a couple of months but on 9/20/2015 I took my last drink to date. I just celebrated 7.5 years of sobriety. I always thank him for being at the right place at the right time to set off a series of events that not only changed my life but probably saved it I tend to run into him or Chief Bolin from time to time and let them know what great things are going on in my life. I bought a house 5 years ago and had my son 2.5 years ago. Today I have a ton of friends and great relationships with my family. The police aren't just here to arrest people, they are here to help make this community a better safer place and save lives at the same time."

This Good News Gets Even Better

Jason Cullum saw the positive impact that he made on this young woman's life on EvansvilleWatch. He wanted to share what that meant to him.

The biggest piece of advice I would give to the 25-year-old rookie version of myself- “Always show empathy and treat people respectfully, regardless of the situation”. I rarely learned of the journey people had been on and seldom heard where their journey took them after my interaction with them. I am proud of all you have accomplished for yourself and your wonderful son. Your impact on other young women who have faced similar struggles will change many lives. And let’s be honest, right place at the right time was a Donut Bank parking lot.

There are still so many amazing stories coming into EvansvilleWatch. If you have one to share or you want to read them follow EvansvileWatch's Facebook page.

10 Ridiculous 911 Calls Shared by Evansville Watch

Well, here we are just a few weeks into 2022 and our local police have been busy. Obviously, most of the calls that come in are serious and nothing to laugh at. Other calls just make you shake your head. Here are ten of those ridiculous calls. Thanks to our friends at EvansvilleWatch for documenting everything in real-time.

10 of the Most Ridiculous 9-1-1 Calls from EvansvilleWatch

If you hear sirens and want to know what's going on, EvansvilleWatch on Facebook is the best place to look. They do an excellent job of listening to the police scanner in the Vanderburgh and Warrick county areas and posting updates as they come in. Most of the calls are routine, but I found several that had me shaking my head!

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