Expedia.com has a list of places that have to be seen to be believed. Places, they say, you simply HAVE to visit.

Well, one of them is just about a half hour away, if that, and I've seen it any number of times and I completely believe it.

I wonder if we all take for granted how unique Santa Claus, Indiana really is.

Naturally, when you're a kid, it's endlessly fascinating. And I'm old enough to remember when it was Santa Claus Land and not Holiday World.

I think we're all fortunate that Santa Claus has maintained its individuality over the years, and why not?

Santa Claus should be on Expedia's list.

Now I'll have to check out the OTHER locations, like Rachel, Nevada--which claims Area 51, the notorious supposed extra-terrestrial pitstop--and Homestead, Florida--home of the coral castle.

Cincinnati's on the list, as well, for its abandoned subway system. Sounds very cool and very spooky...and VERY nearby!

Happy travels!

And way to go, Santa Claus!



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