I've seen a recent post on Facebook that's been shared many times over about how to go to your Facebook Block List and find out who's secretly following you.

Well, it doesn't work because it's a hoax.

The message instructs Facebook users to go to that Block List and type in "following me."

All you end up getting is a list of names with those words in their profile name, usually a LONG list of names with "ME" as the first two letters in the last names or appearing consecutively in the names.

It's actually a pretty silly hoax.

Anyone aware that it's a hoax and posting it is simply wasting a small amount of your "friend's" time.

And, yes, I put friend in quotation marks because why your friend do something stupid like this to you?

Ah, Facebook. So many wonderful uses and so many ways to drive you up the freakin' wall.

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