Thank you Facebook! The culture-altering social media site has finally come up with a way to help us keep out sanity!

It's a new "snooze" feature that will allow us to temporarily stop seeing posts from whatever sites we choose for 30 days.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Now, I'll likely never actually block Miracles of Nature for any length of time because it's very cool and not the type of site that will ever have a tendency to annoy me.

You hear that, news sites?

And here's the part many of you will find most attractive.

It's completely anonymous.

The site or person you "snooze" for 30 days will never know you've done it. So if someone's really on a tear and bringing the negative WAY more than you care to see, then hit the ol' Facebook "snooze button."

Voila...peace and harmony for a solid month.

Then of course, when that month ends and the offender is still offending, well, then what comes next will be up to you.


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