One of my most-beloved memories of my childhood is playing badminton at Granny and Granddaddy Morris' house. We didn't have a net, so we used a clothes line that was high enough to justify demarcation. The competition was at times fierce, but my goodness did we have fun. Here's my five reasons why badminton is the best Olympic sport!

Elsa/Getty Images
Elsa/Getty Images

1. Anyone can play. Now I know at the Olympic level, it's a bit more fast-moving, but on a good day, my Granny would play with us. She did.

2. I bet it's fun to say or hear "shuttlecock" in any language.

3. Trick shots, dives, and fast-moving action. Like tennis, the rallies can be short or lengthy. The athleticism is insane.

4. No complicated outfits are involved. And it's far, far away from the green, hydrogen peroxide filled pool. Seriously, what was that about?

5. Finally, we had a term when someone would hit the birdie really hard. We "meatballed" it! The correct terminology is a "smash" or a "kill".

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