Imagine going to an expo with some of nation's most well-known body builders and power lifters.  Then, imagine walking around that expo, swelling your chest and bumping into some of those people on purpose.  That's what The Greatest Entertainer (a popular social media prankster) did last year at The Fit Expo in San Diego, California. And, oddly enough, one of the people that he bumped into is from right here in Owensboro.

Our buddy Julius Maddox, who is a raw bench press world record holder, happened to be at the expo and, little to his knowledge, was standing in the path of Instagram and YouTube star, The Greatest Entertainer, whose media mission is providing "joy and entertainment to the world through the greatest videos ever!"

Here's the original video The Greatest Entertainer shared on his YouTube channel.

Julius popped up in the extended version shared by the Facebook page House of Bounce. Watch at around the :55 second mark.


I reached out to Julius and told him I thought his reaction was priceless.  He looked ready to bench press a human.  He admitted that the people he's with at these expos "stay alert for that reason."

By the way, If you're wondering why Julius didn't pick up The Greatest Entertainer and launch him across San Diego, Julius says he had a heads up the guy might do it. He even asked for permission, which, in retrospect, was a pretty wise move.

Look, I have known Julius for a few years now.  I always kid that shaking hands with him is like willingly putting your hand into a bone-crushing vice.  There's no way I am ever going to puff up my chest and run into him on purpose.  I might as well run head first into a brick wall or a high speed locomotive.  I think that would be less painful than running into Julius.

But kudos to The Greatest Entertainer for doing what he set out to do.  This video was definitely entertaining.

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