Julius Maddox is the World's, Strongest Man.  It wasn't enough for him to break the All-Time World Raw Bench Press so he decided to break his own record this past weekend. WATCH-->

At the end of 2019, Owensboro's Julius Maddox broke the All-Time World Raw Bench Press Record lifting 744 pounds.  Right before the pandemic hit the world he set a brand new world record of 770 pounds.  Here's the amazing video!

And here's the video of him breaking the record in 2019!

Julius traveled to Miami, Florida to the Hybrid Showdown III.  Julius built up tons of hype asking his followers on social media to guess how much weight he was going to bench at the competition.  Many said 800 pounds.  He actually threw up 782 pounds.

Julius got his start right here in Owensboro in the basement of Friends of Sinners at 320 Clay Street.  He was in recovery at FOS.  One of the houses had a weight set in the basement.  The guys were messing around one day and decided to put all the weight on the bar to see if Julius could lift it.  He was able to.  From there he began seeking more weight and found he was really good at lifting.  He trained at the Owensboro Family YMCA and Iron Edge.

Huge congrats to Julius and his family.  We are so very proud of him.

Now he's on the road to 800.  Follow his journey here.

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