I was nine years old in the summer of 1975. That was the year the summer blockbuster was born, only no one had any idea it was happening at the time.

At this point in time, it's hard to imagine NO ONE knowing who Steven Spielberg was. But in '75, that was pretty much the case. Okay, "no one" is a bit of an exaggeration. His parents and friends and co-workers knew him. Film students probably knew him. And anyone who cared about the DIRECTOR of the classic TV thriller, Duel, did too.

But a household word was something Spielberg was NOT when one of his many masterpieces, Jaws, swam into theaters in 1975, killing off every box office record known to man and scaring the bejeezus out of anyone who loved spending time at the beach.

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I'm not sure if you've watched it again recently, or if you've EVER watched it, but that iconic thrill ride hasn't lost one IOTA of the punch it delivered 46 years ago. The opening sequence, featuring the night swimmer in the moonlight who is pulled under by a great white shark, is one of the great chilling moments in the history of cinema. It is still incredibly frightening.

Add it onto the rest of the movie, and you might understand why my sister joined thousands, if not millions, in not going into the water that summer.

In odd-numbered years in the 70s, we always went to Florida. For Disney World, for the beach, to visit my aunt and uncle. Whatever. I love going into the ocean. And so does my sister. And she's been back in several times.

But not in 1975. She stayed on the shore and swam in the hotel pool. She was NOT going in the water after watching Jaws. Ironically, two years later, she DID go back in the water...and was promptly lashed by a stingray. (See, there were no scary STINGRAY movies that year.)

Imagine what our trip would have been like had we seen this:

That video of a Florida shark frenzy was captured earlier this week and is just flat-out stunning. Those are called blacktip sharks and they seem to be frolicking, which I find unusual.

"Frolicking" has never been a term I've applied to sharks. But I guess they're allowed to frolic...when they're not scaring the crap out of beach visitors.

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