This is one of those "it comes with the territory" situations, but it sure is a shame that it does.

Panama City Beach is like a "movie version" of a popular beach town, and when you cruise down the city's main drag, it DOES feel like you're in--oh, I don't know--American Graffiti, maybe?

But this week? That main drag might be even busier thanks to the unpredictable nature of the Gulf of Mexico. One morning, dolphins are swimming with the guests; another morning, NO ONE is swimming--at least in the ocean--due to unfortunately necessary red flag warnings. Right now, that's life in PCB. Multiple shark attacks in Walton County FL have prompted the issuance of red and purple flag warnings.

Saturday morning, Panama City Beach Police and the Bay County Sheriff's Office scoured the coastline via helicopter and reported a notable presence of, specifically, bull sharks in the water.

Shark attacks and shark warnings haven't been unique to the Panama City Beach area this season. Down the Gulf Coast, the Lone Star State is having the same issue.

The following, more recent, report reveals that some beaches along the Florida Panhandle HAVE reopened. But let's see how comfortable tourists are entering the water here over the next few weeks.

It's not like the presence of sharks and reported shark attacks will, in any way, slow down tourism along the Florida Gulf Coast; that's not a concern. The CONCERN is folks tempting fate, which is a ridiculous concept when dealing with sharks.

Just hang out in all those magnificent swimming pools, and then just SIT on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

If you're easy to please, you got this.

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