I don't get sick a lot, and I know at least one reason why, good hand-washing and I always have a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer on me. However, this time of year, the flu bug starts to grow and for the last five years, I've been getting flu shots. I actually skipped last year, but I made it out alive. I started getting them after Zoey was born. I got my 2016 one today and the injection spot wasn't covered by a cute band-aid oh no, here's what was left.

Flu shot injection spot

What in the heck? It looks like a really bloody eye or the bizarro world version of a fried egg. It's actually a band-aid that A) marks the spot and B) stays in place until you remove it. Fair warning, once you remove it, that little pool of blood comes to life. It looked very fresh.

Now I know a lot of folks refrain from getting a flu shot because it makes them sick. I really hope I'm not jinxing myself on that count. The one and only time I had the honest to goodness flu was about twenty years ago. The timing wasn't great, WKU Spring Break week. I was in bed with a fever almost the entire week. I hate to get to sick but this time of the year, except for last year, I take one for the team by getting vaccinated. It's better to have a sore arm than a sore throat, body aches, chills, etc.

HERE is all the information about this season's flu vaccine.

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