We might just need a Random Acts of Kindness Day right now more than just about anything else, and we're getting one. It's Saturday, February 17th, and one national chain is being VERY kind to us and, specifically, to our bellies.

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day With Free Donuts

I'll be honest, I don't eat a lot of donuts. At this point, I carefully watch what I ingest and, you know, you just get to a point in life where you can't eat like you used to. Alas. HOWEVER, if that red light is on at Krispy Kreme, and I'm not at risk of spoiling my dinner, I will hit the turn signal and pay a visit. Now, I live in Owensboro, and, as my fellow Owensboroans can tell you, we had a Krispy Kreme in town for what seemed like all of 10 minutes and then it was gone. So I'll have to drive out of town and look for that tell-tale signal that the donuts are rolling off the rack; come get one.

First Krispy Kreme Shop In Britain Opens
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When it comes to donuts...no, when it comes to PASTRIES, it doesn't get much better than a fresh Krispy Kreme. And it REALLY doesn't get much better than a FREE Krispy Kreme.

And on Saturday, February 17th, Krispy Kreme's random act of kindness will be a free donut for its patrons. Now, they will not be available for delivery, so forget Door Dash. But hey, who would have a problem driving to the nearest location and watching THIS in anticipation of the treat to come:

Give me some milk and watch your hands. Random Acts of Kindness Day means I'm getting a free Krispy Kreme right out of the oven. I might just see you there...whichever THERE I pick.

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