When the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest last March and we all hunkered down and kept to ourselves, for the most part, we were really left to our own remote devices regarding entertainment outside the home.

That really worked out for me because I enjoy exploring the great outdoors anyway. Take that, COVID.

So I invested my time in lots of Kentucky's gorgeous state parks and the one NATIONAL park that's nearby. Of course, I'm talking about Mammoth Cave. And, no, I didn't go down into a cave. They have passages called Tall Man's Misery and Fat Man's Misery. But there are plenty of trails and beautiful bodies of water to enjoy.

Actually, the last time I DID go down into a cave at Mammoth was when I was in 4th grade and I was with my family.

Back then, we didn't have the free pass for 4th graders that's available now because we would have been all over. But you have plenty of time to get in on this awesome deal.

NPS.gov has all the details you need to secure your pass for your 4th grader. And then it's off on any number of awesome and educational adventures.

Keep in mind, as you've seen if you clicked that link, there are quite a few hoops through which you have to jump to get your pass, and if you're traveling in multiple vehicles, know that the pass is only good for one of them.

But they, we're talking about a free national park pass. And then, just like that, you have a basis for several awesome getaways.


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