When I was growing up, theme parks were few and far between. Around here, the choices were pretty much Opryland (long gone), Six Flags (long drive--any of them), and Kings Island (another long drive, but doable).

We visited Opryland on a number of occasions, either on family trips or church trips. And, ironically, the one time we went to Six Flags, it was the one in Texas, not relatively nearby St. Louis.

But in all my years on this big blue marble, I have never been to Kings Island. And I suppose I can credit Holiday World and Splashin' Safari for that. It's an A-list theme park in my own backyard and Cincinnati is a haul--AND in the Eastern Time Zone, which can really be a hindrance.

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But still, I know plenty of folks who HAVE been to Kings Island, including my sister. And it's a great story. She went with a church group in 1975. She took $20 and came back with a penny. Yep, that double sawbuck got her in, got her some food, and got her a souvenir.

Today, that 20 MIGHT get her one meal and snack. Or it might get her a Squishmallow.

When Kings Island opens for the season on May 15th, Squishmallows will be available in the park gift shops. They're already available online.

But maybe we need to tap the brakes because some of you are likely saying, "What in the WORLD is a Squishmallow?" That's what I said.

Well, they're plush toys and, according to the Squishmallows website, seem to be available at quite a few retailers. I guess I've never heard of them because they don't usually make it onto my shopping list.

And now you'll be able to snag one at Kings Island.

But don't take them into Soak City Water Park, which opens May 29th; I sense they will become collectibles, a la Cabbage Patch Dolls and Pound Puppies. Best to keep them safe and dry.

And if you're lucky, you'll find them in a trunk in the attic and 20 years, in good shape, and ready for sale on eBay.

And what a squishy feeling that will be.

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[SOURCE: WLWT-Cincinnati]

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