If you've ever tuned in for the final stretch of our annual St. Jude Radiothon you have more than likely heard our good friend Rollie Pike.  Rollie, who way back in the day won our 5th season of Goldie's Survivor, has become a true friend to WBKR-FM.  Personally speaking, Rollie is a great friend of mine and truly one of my favorite people on this planet.  And that is no exaggeration.  I simply cannot put into words what I think of Rollie and how much he means to me on a personal level.  This guy is incredible.  But I can say this . . . easily.  Rollie is one the most kindhearted and giving people you will ever encounter.  He never hesitates to lend a helping hand and is one those rare guys who will be there you when call, every time you call.  Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Rollie's now in need of help himself.

A few months ago, Rollie learned that he is in dire need of a kidney transplant.  The medical explanations are long and complicated, but Rollie has a very rare disorder that attacks his vital organs.  And, when I say "rare", I mean "rare."  This particular syndrome is found in less than 10 families WORLDWIDE. It's rare, aggressive and extremely dangerous.

Rollie is currently awaiting a donor match.  Just about a month ago, his kidney function fell below 10% and he had to begin dialysis.  At this point, he is stuck in a sort of waiting game until the donor can be found and his body can right itself long enough to endure the transplant.  It's not easy, but Rollie is a trooper, a fighter.  And he's fighting.

In the meantime, Rollie's friends and family are encouraging everyone to come out to Whitesville on Saturday, May 18th for a big fundraiser called Raisin' for Rollie!


There's going to be food by Jerry Morris, who Jaclyn claims has the "best butt in town!"  There's going to live music from Randy Lanham and other special guests.  David Mills will be your DJ for the night and there will be a huge silent auction with all proceeds benefiting Rollie's transplant fund.

I encourage you all to join us too.  Rollie has given so much of himself to so many causes over the years.  It's only fitting that those who've been touched by his selflessness rally together to give back to man who would truly give anything to anyone at anytime.

So, mark you calendars . . . Saturday, May 18th, 5pm to 11 at St. Mary of the Woods Parrish Hall in Whitesville!  Food, fun, family, friends and fundraising. Let's Raise 4 Rollie.

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