Forrest Gump is one of the most beloved movies of all time. The 1994 comedy romance won major awards and has one of the best soundtracks ever.

Audiences fell in love with Tom Hank's portrayal of Gump who claimed he wasn't a smart man, but was actually incredibly wise. As the viewer follows his serendipitous journey through life meeting folks like Elvis and multiple presidents, its the "normal" folks he encounters that become forever favorites in pop culture. Like Bubba and his shrimp boat or the one and only Lt. Dan.

Made famous by the amazing performance of actor Gary Senise, Lt. Dan is Forrest Gump's platoon leader when he serves in the Vietnam War. He gets seriously injured as his legs are maimed in an explosion. Although they end up needing amputation, (Lt. Dan! You ain't got no legs!") Forrest saved his life and they develop a friendship and partnership with the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

The Gary Senise Foundation

Gary Senise has since created a foundation to support active military, veterans, and their families, "to help the real Lt. Dans."  Building smart homes to make them more accessible for those who have been wounded while serving, mental wellness programs, hosting events for children and teens who have lost loved ones and festivals to celebrate service members. The Gary Senise Foundation slogan is "

"While we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones, WE CAN ALWAYS DO A LITTLE MORE."

Gary Senise and The Lt. Dan Band

While the foundation supports many needs and day-to-day assistance, they also want to show the military community a good time! Gary Senise is a huge music lover and performer, so he gathered together some friends and musicians from Chicago to form the Lt. Dan Band. Performing USO shows across the world and averaging 30-40 shows a year, classics like Stevie Wonder and Journey with some new flare from Bruno Mars and even Beyonce!

This summer they will be making a stop in Kentucky to perform a free concert at Brooks Field in Fort Knox. July 27th at 6 PM Central. It is open to the public, but according to the Elizabethtown Tourism website, Fort Knox Gate Access is required. Everything you need to know to gain entry is listed here on the U.S. Army website. 


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