It's all ready to go. Said to be the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America, the Sky Bridge in Gatlinburg, will open Friday afternoon. I think I may need to head back for this once in a lifetime experience. 

The new SkyBridge will be part of the long-time Sky Lift attraction. Did you know the Sky Lift is 65 this year? The wildfire that swept through the Smokies in November of 2016 knocked the attraction out of commission for about six months.

Construction on the SkyBridge began earlier this year. Now what I didn't know is that at the bridge's highest point, 140 feet, there's a glass bottom, observe:

Its span is 680 feet with panoramic views of the Smokies as well as an overlook of Gatlinburg below. The walking path is five feet wide.

Here's what it's like to walk across:

Another new addition to Sky Lift Park is the Sky Deck. There's a new viewing deck, outdoor seating, a new cafe, bar, and gift shop.

Yeah, I'm going back. Would you walk across it?

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