The newspaper and your morning coffee--a tradition unlike any other™ (yes, a nod to Jim Nantz and his legendary Masters slogan).


Or at lunch. I only ever knew one person who ever read the newspaper cover to cover on his lunch break. That would be my dad. It was the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer. He'd do the same thing at night, in bed, with the Evansville Courier.

But it would be unusual for him to read it on a tablet or a laptop, even if that IS the way it's going and, in most cases, has already gone.

And now the Messenger-Inquirer has made a major announcement regarding the way it will be available to us in the weeks to come and going forward. Plus, readers will notice obvious changes regarding weekend editions.

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Beginning October 17th, the Sunday edition of the M&I will move to an online-only format, with the features everyone has grown accustomed to seeing in the Sunday newspaper moved to the Saturday edition. Those would be the Sunday comics, Parade magazine, and ad flyers. The Saturday paper will also add a fifth section--Business and Lifestyle--typically reserved for the Sunday edition.

Also, the print edition of the Monday Messenger-Inquirer will return on October 18th.

There are many more details in a story about the changes from the M&I's Keith Lawrence.


But what it all boils down to is what so many companies around the country are facing. And you and I have seen this more frequently lately--"Help Wanted" signs on doors or notices that certain businesses will close earlier than normal because of a lack of workers.

Yes, it's a workforce issue that has forced the Messenger-Inquirer and so many around the country to make changes that are now necessary but were once unforeseen.

The Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer is a Paxton Media publication.

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