Harold Reid, a member of the country group The Statler Brothers, died Friday after a long battle with kidney failure. His iconic voice will be missed.

Johnny Cash/VEVO via YouTube
Johnny Cash/VEVO via YouTube

In a statement on the Statler Brothers website the news was announced this morning.

"HAROLD REID of The Statler Brothers passed away April 24, 2020. He had bravely endured a long battle with kidney failure. He is and will always be loved by his family, friends and millions of fans. His singing, his songwriting and his comedy made generations happy. He has taken a piece of our hearts with him."

I was introduced to country music through the Statler Brothers. My Mom loved singing and dancing to their music. Now, when a Statler Brothers song comes on it takes me back to those carefree days. Harold Reid was one of the original founding members of the group and his iconic voice was like "butter". He was so talented and I'm sure will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his bandmates, family and friends.

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